Bridge Too Far
In his first quarterly letter to clients, Andrew Dyson shares QMA’s more balanced perspective on the current attention being showered on big data and AI – illustrating the limits of the hype.
Beware of False Patterns in Big Data Investing
Investment strategies based on crunching alternative data sets with machine learning give tech-savvy asset managers an edge, however without a solid quantitative framework such strategies risk producing false signals, argues Andrew Dyson in a FundFire interview.
A persistent challenge in ESG investing is the sparse data availability due to the voluntary nature of ESG reporting. Here, we propose a quant approach to integrating ESG in portfolios capable of classifying companies even if they don't disclose sufficient ESG data - while delivering comparable levels of excess returns to non-ESG portfolios.
Managing Risk
As the longest US equity bull market in history nears the decade mark, cracks are clearly forming. Investors are coming to realize that “index” is not a synonym for “safe.” But what comes next? Here we offer some different ways of thinking about – and solving for – the potential trouble spots that those invested for the long term face today.